What is Drilling Machine ? | Bosch drilling machine

  • Mar 08, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi

What is Drilling Machine

Drilling machine is one of the most important machine tools in a workshop. It was designed to produce a cylindrical hole of required diameter and depth on metal workpieces. Though holes can be made by different machine tools in a shop, drilling machine is designed specifically to perform the operation of drilling and similar operations. Drilling can be done easily at a low cost in a shorter period of time in a drilling machine. The drill press is used primarily for drilling holes, but when used with the proper tooling, it can be used for a number of machining operations. The most common machining operations performed on a drill press are drilling, reaming, tapping, counterboring, countersinking, and spot facing. Concrete drill bit bosch.



 Drilling can be called as the operation of producing a cylindrical hole of required diameter and depth by removing metal by the rotating edges of a drill. The cutting tool known as drill is fitted into the spindle of the drilling machine. A mark of indentation is made at the required location with a center punch. The rotating drill is pressed at the location and is fed into the work. The hole can be made up to a required depth.

Bosch Drilling machine

Bosch drilling machine are the most Powerful machine with over 1,500 watt and highest sturdiness, Top performance when drilling and chiseling thanks to 1500 watt motor and 12.5 joules of single impact energy, Exceptional durability thanks to robust components and Automatic switch lock for the best convenience in continuous chiseling applications

Type of drilling machine

Bosch drilling machine


This is the most powerful electric breaker from bosch with high impact performance, very low vibration, very long lifetime.


GBH 18-26F

Cordless rotary hammer with SDS plus. It a universal rotary hammer with quick change chuck in the SDS plus cordless category, kickback control and electronic precision control for better handling and increased users’ protection.


GBH 4-32 DFR

The fastest multi hammer in the 4kg class. It as wide range of applications in chiselling and drilling work, drill up to 30% faster than other tools in class and low vibration.

GBH 18-26F


The strongest 11kg SDS- max breaker in its class. Best power to weight ratio in it class, vibration control system and inline shape of the tool

high drilling machine


GBH 2-24 DRE

The new standard in concrete drilling with best drilling speed in class due to optimization gear housing set, enhanced durability and hard work due to powerful 790w spare part interchangeability and easy maintenance because of smart design

 GBH 2-24 DRE

Bosch professional tools have large stock of Bosch impact drilling machine GSB 21-2RE professional, this high-performance motor (1100 W) with high torque for the most heavy-duty applications with large diameters (drilling, working with core cutters and holesaws), screwdriving and stirring

Why you should consider Bosch drilling machines

Very powerful

Very strong

Best drilling speed

Low vibration

Features of Bosch GSB 21-2RE Professional Impact Drilling Machine   

  • New safety handle with innovative attachment and soft grip for a secure hold on the machine
  • Rotating brush plate for constant power in reverse and forward rotation.
  • Speed pre-selection with setting wheel for precise working.
  • Sturdy Keyed chuck.
  • Soft grip on main handle for a secure hold.
  • Ball grommet for high movement radius and for preventing cable breaks
  • Spindle collar diameter of 43 mm (European standard) – can be used in drill stands


Rated power input 1.100 W
No-load speed 0 – 900 / 3.000 rpm
Power output 630 W
Weight 2,9 kg
Rated speed 0 – 580 / 1.900 rpm
Torque (soft screw driving applications) 40,0 / 14,5 Nm
Rated torque 9,6 / 3,2 Nm
Drill spindle connecting thread 1/2″ – 20 UNF
Chuck capacity 1,5 – 13 mm
Impact rate at no-load speed 0 – 15.300 / 51.000 bpm
Max. torque 40,0 / 14,5 Nm

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