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  • Sep 20, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi

Label Printing 

Label printing is the process of printing custom labels through various methods. These methods include digital printing, flexographic printing, and wide-format printing, all of which yield different results in the look, feel, and purpose of the label. 

Industrial label printers are unlike everyday printers because they print on self-adhesive label material or tags. Often designed for heavy-duty operation in warehouses, distribution centers and factories, there are many benefits to using industrial label printers.

Types of Label Printers

There are a variety of types of label printers that alter in their offerings depending on what they will be used for. Various types include desktop label printers for small to medium label printing needs, commercial label printers for medium- volume label printing and industrial label printers used typically for heavy-duty continuous operation. A variety of industrial label printers include portable printers which can be used on-site such as in the construction, engineering and mining sectors.

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Five Benefits of Industrial Label Printers

1. Thermal Transfer Printing- Industrial label printing uses thermal transfer to print the desired text/graphic. Thermal print has high resistance to fading while also having the benefit of being able to print on many different materials.

2. Barcodes- Most industrial label printers have the ability to print barcodes. Barcodes may help keep track of products, quantity, shelf life and other many things. With the ability to print barcodes, an industrial label printer may help keep track of warehouse goods.

3. On Demand Label Making- With industrial label printers, manufacturers have the ability to print labels whenever it is needed. This may help save time and money when an order is fulfilled.

4. Ship When Ready– Since many warehouses, distribution centers and factories use industrial label printers, items can be shipped at any time. Often it happens that packages cannot be shipped on time due to labeling but with an industrial label printer, design labels and shipping labels can be printed on time without the hold up.

5. Ability to Create an Original Label- Many industrial label printers have the ability to print in color and also are PC compatible. This allows you to make labels of any design, size or shape for your product

These are only a few of the many benefits that come from using an industrial label printer!