• Apr 13, 2023
  • By Tamilore Gibadi


Pets bring life to within your own four walls – but also a certain amount of dirt. Whether it's your dog traipsing mud across your freshly washed floor, your cat spilling food next to her bowl, or your guinea pig streaking through his cage sending fur flying through your home. So as not to cloud your joy at living with animals, here are a few helpful cleaning tips.

Keeping cages properly clean:

Just as we keep our own homes clean, we should also regularly remove dirt from the living and eating areas of our pet friends. This means:

  • Cleaning bird cages with a brush and hot water – without any disinfectants or chemical cleaners.
  • Particularly large cages can also be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner.
  • Simply wash cage tubs of hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. in the bath.
  • Quickly rinse food bowls after use or put them in the dishwasher.
  • Place newspapers around the food bowls of cats, dogs, etc.

Hair everywhere!

Dogs, cats and rodents have one thing in common – they all shed hair. So regular vacuuming and cleaning are crucial. If you don't want to get the vacuum cleaner out every time, why not reach for your cordless electric broom? The sweeper is quick to pick up. A lint remover that animal hair sticks to is designed to clean your couch and sofa in-between times. And to prevent so many hairs landing on your floor and furniture in the first place, you should regularly brush your pets.

Insider tips for your home

All these insider tips make regular cleaner so much easier. Whether your dog has brought his dirty paws into your home, or your cat has left marks on the window - find the right solutions below:

Animal perspective

These are scenarios familiar to many animal lovers: A cat with its paws up against glass door asking to be let out or a dog pressing its snout up the window to watch a squirrel climbing a tree outside. The result: Paw prints wherever you look.

A window vacuum removes unsightly streaks and paw prints from glass doors easily and without much preparation. Simply spray on the detergent, loosen the dirt with the microfibre cloth and vacuum with the window vacuum.

Dirt trap

Whether coming in from a walk, agility training or playing frisbee in the park: to ensure your dog brings as little dirt as possible into your clean home, a dust trap mat for pets is a practical solution.

  • for wet feet: Door mats in the entrance area
  • muddy paws: Keep a towel by the door
  • Foot bath for very dirty paws: Put each paw in the bath in turn, or clean with a cloth

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Paw print-free

But sometimes you just can't stop your furry friends from bringing soil or mud into your home. If you don't want to get your mop and bucket out of the cupboard every time you see a few dirty paw prints, how about a handheld steam cleaner?

It heats up quickly and becomes a steam mop with just one click. Another advantage of cleaning with steam is that it uses no chemicals, and so your pets are not exposed to any detergents.

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