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  • May 26, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi

Ten most powerful cordless power tools Brand 2022

In recent times cordless power tools have been gaining popularity and have effectively made their way into the heart of majority of the power tool users leading to the expansion of the manufacturing industry and the birth of quality brands such as the Bosch, Dongcheng brand etc.

Cordless power tools are the future of the construction and carpentry industry. They get rid of the annoyance and constant burden of tangled cords and they allow an individual to move about their workspace physically. The days of having to stay in one spot while working in fear of tripping over a wire or asking someone else to switch your extension cord plug positions are over because cordless power tools help business owners become more efficient and agile by minimizing pitfalls commonly associated with traditional power sources for their light weight, less bulky, and more operational features.

Cordless power tools are some of the most used power tools in the world. Professionals, DIYers, and homeowners use them. Cordless power tools come in various types, sizes, and prices. They are often used by people who do not want to deal with the hassle of cords. In this article, we will discuss what they are and what they can be used for and recommend the best power tool brands in 2022.

Why Cordless Power Tools Are Good

Cordless power tools are a great alternative to the traditional corded tools because they are very lightweight and easy to carry around. They are also safer to operate because they don't have a cord that can catch on something and cause you to trip or drop the power tool.

Cordless power tools are an overall more convenient choice since they are very versatile and can perform various tasks. The lower the physical effort needed, the better control the user has.

Cordless Power tools have significantly advanced over the years. Today you can get cordless power tools that are more efficient, deliver more power and take up less space than ever before. Ease of use, portability, and enhanced safety are fueling the growth of cordless power tools by professionals and 'DIY' communities alike.

Cordless power tools are especially suitable for jobs that require more than a hand tool can handle; you may be overwhelmed by the variety of cordless power tools available in our store. Some are designed for basic home projects, while others are more powerful and can handle larger jobs. After testing dozens of options, our team picked the ten most recommended cordless power tools from the professional brand we trust the most. This article will help you analyze the opportunities and choose the best cordless power tools for your job.

Ten Most Recommended Cordless Power Tools

  1. Bosch GO Cordless Screwdriver

Gibadi.com is the distributor of Bosch Power tools in Nigeria. Our Bosch GO Cordless Screwdriver is the only smart screwdriver with a simple push and perfect finish. It is four times more powerful than any existing screw driver in size and form, with an intuitive operation style; all you have to do is push-to-drive screws (Push & Go); it also has Intelligent E-clutch stops when you want to stop.


  1. DongCheng Cordless Brushless Driver/Hammer Drill 13mm 20V/4Ah DCJZ05-13EM

 This DongCheng Cordless Brushless Driver/Hammer Drill 13mm 20V/4Ah DCJZ05-13EM. DongCheng has a screwdriver and drill two modes; under normal environmental conditions suitable for screwing and unscrewing screws, drilling operations can be carried out on wood, metal, plastic and so on.

Features of DongCheng Cordless Brushless Driver/Hammer Drill 13mm 20V/4Ah DCJZ05-13EM

  • No load Speed: 1st gear:0-550r/min
  • 2nd gear:0-2000r/min
  • Max. Chucking Capacity:13mm
  • Max. Screw Dia.:10mm
  • Max, Drilling Dia.:Steel: φ 13mm
  • Brick Wall: φ13mm
  • Wood:φ 38mm
  • Torque Setting: 22+2
  • Max. Torque: 60N.m
  • Motor: Brushless Motor
  • 3 functions: Drill / screwdriver/ impact drill
  • 2pcs 4.0Ah Battery + 1pcs Charger
  • Plastic Case Packing
  1. DongCheng Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench 16 mm 20V 4A DCPB298BM

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor and supplier of Dong Cheng Power Tools in Nigeria. The DongCheng Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench 16 mm 20V 4A DCPB298BM features a Brushless motor, greater power, higher efficiency, and longer runtime and lifetime. 2-speed, match various applications; Smart loosen function, effectively solve the safety problem when working at height; an. Ergonomic body design, more compact structure, and more comfortable grip. 

Technical Specifications of DongCheng Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench 16 mm 20V 4A DCPB298BM

  • Voltage:20V
  • Battery capacity: 20V/4.0Ah
  • Battery capacity: 20V/4.0Ah
  • Scope of application (mm): M12-M16
  • Nominal size of the square tenon (mm): 12.7 (1/2'')
  • Torque (Smart): L gear(210N.m) H gear (298N.m)
  • No-load speed: 0-2000r/min

Technical Data Specification Overview of Bosch GO Cordless Screwdriver

Torque, max. (hard/soft): 5 / 2,5 Nm

Battery type: Lithium-ion

Battery voltage: 3.6 V

Weight excl. battery: 0.28 kg

Charge. Time at bat. Cap. 1.5 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 90 mins

  1. DongCheng Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ1202(TypeE)

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor and supplier of Dong Cheng Power Tools in Nigeria. This DongCheng Cordless Driver DCJZ1202 (Type E) Drill is an economic model with a new battery pack platform.The DongCheng company manufactures various types of power tools and related spare parts, which are widely used in building construction, home decoration, stone industry, shipbuilding, and water conservancy project. The sales network for Dongcheng covers more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. The company strives to provide good quality products and satisfying services to global users.

Features of DongCheng Cordless Driver Drill DCJZ1202(Type E)

  • Economic model, New Battery pack platform
  • 2-speed, 35N.m high torque
  • Technical Specification
  • Battery: 10.8V/2.0Ah x 2
  • Max. Chucking Capacity: 10mm
  • No-load Speed: Low 0 - 400r/min
  • High 0 - 1500r/min
  • Max. Drilling Diameter: Steel 10mm
  • Wood 22mm
  • Torque Setting: 18 + 2
  • Max. Torque: 35N-m
  • Net Weight: 1.0Kg
  • Accessories and Package
  • Battery Charger, 2.0Ah Battery Pack (2pcs),
  • Double-end Driver Bit, Plastic Case Packing
  1. Bosch Cordless Jigsaw GST 18 V-LI B

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Bosch Power tools in Nigeria. The Bosch Cordless Jigsaw GST 18 V-LI B is a compact, lightweight design with a small grip circumference that enables optimum control when sawing.

Our Bosch Cordless Jigsaw GST 18 V-LI B is a powerful battery system for cutting even in thicker or more rigid materials, and It also features SDS saw blade, which changes with only one hand.

  1. DongCheng Cordless Reciprocating Saw 28mm, 18V/4AHx2 DCJF28EK

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor and supplier of Dong Cheng Power Tools in Nigeria. Our DongCheng Cordless Reciprocating Saw 28mm, 18V/4AHx2 DCJF28EK is empowered by Powerful 18V Class Technology. Unique handle with ergonomic shape makes on-the-go cutting and controlled applications easy.

This DongCheng Cordless Reciprocating Saw 28mm, 18V/4AHx2 DCJF28EK can make cuts so great it'll feel like a piece of heaven in your hands. But choosing the right one is essential from the perspective of comfort and handling - both of which must be perfect if you are to make consistent cuts with precision every time. A critical factor that determines how comfortable any cordless reciprocating saw feels in your hand is how its handle feels during use. That's why this one comes with an ergonomic shape that works: No risk of numb fingers and no cramping after work because the long switch enables more effortless operation in tight spaces or overhead as well.

Technical Specifications of DongCheng Cordless Reciprocating Saw 28mm, 18V/4AHx2 DCJF28EK

Battery: 18V/4.0Ahx2/18V/5.0Ahx2

No-load Speed: 0-3300(r/min)

Length of Strokes: 28(mm)

Max. Cutting Depth

Steel 20(mm)

Wood 250(mm)

Tube 130 (mm)

Base Plate Adjustment: 4

Net Weight: 3.4(kg)

  1. INGCO Cordless Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit CKLI18021

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Ingco Tools and equipment in Nigeria. Our Cordless Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit INGCO CKLI18021 is a must-have. INGCO tools are devoted to making professional quality tools affordable. INGCO believes that top quality refers to not only function, usability, and appearance but also efficiency, performance, and maintainability. The whole INGCO team pays great attention to every detail to make INGCO tools stand on top of the world. All the INGCO teams are based in China to support global marketing. We focus on finding partners overseas instead of setting up our own sales team. Rather than making much advertisement, we prefer to save all extra expenses by maximizing the benefits to partners. INGCO—Make The World In Your Hands.

Features of this product

  • Drill voltage: 18V
  • Two speed: 0-400/0-1350rpm
  • Max torque force: 30NM
  • 10mm keyless chuck
  • Compact Gearbox design
  • Torque settings: 18+1
  • Impact driver: -
  • Drill voltage: 18V
  • Hex. collet: 1/4" (6.35mm)
  • No load speed: 0-2200
  • Rated impact: 0-3000
  • Max torque force: 120NM
  1. Bosch GDX 180-LI Cordless Impact Wrench and Driver (2in1)

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services Nigeria is the distributor and supplier of quality Bosch brand of power tools. Our Bosch GDX 180-LI Cordless Impact Wrench and Driver (2in1) is the only impact wrench with a dual bit holder with Bolting, screw driving, and drilling with the same tool!


More Power. More Robust and:

  • The Bosch Quality is available at affordable prices.
  • It is designed with a well-built battery cell Protection and robust housing.
  • The bosch impact wrench is highly serviceable with a Motor featuring changeable carbon brushes for easy maintenance and serviceability!

GDX 180-LI Professional comes complete with:

  • Item Included
  • Carrying case
  • 2 x battery GBA 18V 3.0Ah 1 600 Z00 037
  • AL 1820 CV charger
  • Technical data Specification:
  • No-load speed: 0-2.800 rpm
  • Weight excl. battery: 1.1 kg
  • Torque, max.: 180 Nm
  • Impact rate 0-3.600 bpm
  • Tool holder 1/4" internal hexagon and 1/2" external square
  • Screw diameter
  • Screw diameter: M 6 – M 14
  1. Bosch GDR 120-LI + GSR 120-LI Professional Combo Kit

Our Bosch GDR 120-LI + GSR 120-LI Professional Combo Kit is new with the right power for a variety of applications; this 12 V impact driver/wrench is a Bosch quality at an affordable price and always the right power for a variety of applications with 2-level power control, easy handling, and ergonomic design.

GDR 120-LI + GSR 120-LI Professional Comes Complete With:

Item Included

1 x GSR 120-LI0 601 9F7 000

1 x GDR 120-LI 3 601 JF0 000

2 x 1.5 Ah Li-ion battery

1 x AL 1115 CV charger

One screwdriver bit

Carrying case

Technical Data Specification:

  • No-load speed: 1.300-2.600 rpm
  • No-load speed (1st level): 0-1.300 rpm
  • No-load speed (2nd level): 2.600 rpm
  • Torque, max.: 100 Nm
  • Impact rate: 2.800-3.400 bpm
  • Battery voltage:12 V
  • Tool holder: 1/4" internal hexagon
  1. Bosch Cordless Impact Drill GSB 180 Li with 23 Accessories

Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services is the distributor of Bosch Power tools and accessories in Nigeria. Our Bosch Cordless Impact Drill GSB 180 Li with 23 Accessories has more power and is more robust, A Bosch quality at an affordable price. This tool is highly serviceable; the motor has changeable carbon brushes for easy maintenance and serviceability; it's durable and designed with robust housing and battery cell protection.

Features and specifications of Bosch Cordless Impact Drill GSB 180 Li with 23 Accessories

This tool is highly serviceable because the motor has highly changeable brushes for easy maintenance.

It is affordable

It is more Robust with more power.

Durable: Designed with Robust Housing and Battery Cell Protection!

Global Cordless Power Tool Market Report

Cordless Power Tools market report helps identify the opportunities in the global market by providing precise market details such as market data, consumer behavior, competitive analysis, and the latest trends. It is also an efficient tool in various industries.

According to research, the global cordless power tool market is estimated to be worth $32630 million in 2022. Its forecast is predicted to a $45770 million by 2028, with a CAGR of 5.8% in the review period.

The major players of Cordless Power Tools worldwide include TTI, Stanley Black and Decker, Robert Bosch, Makita, HiKOKI, Stihl, Husqvarna, Snap-on Incorporated, Greenworks, Hilti, DongCheng, Festool, Positec Group, INGCO, etc. If you need a particular power tool for a specific project, you may be overwhelmed by the various cordless power tools available. Some are designed for basic home projects, while others are more powerful and can handle larger jobs.

Cordless Power Tools Motor Choices

Cordless power tools use DC motors. These kinds of engines can perform actions efficiently. Essentially, the motor is the heart of every cordless power tool. The electric current moves through the circuit board, which regulates and channels into a sense of motion that performs the task at hand. In general, all cordless power tools rely on DC motors. Still, options are available, with each having different advantages and performance parameters to consider based on your tool's intended use.

Brushed Motors

The oldest form of DC motor is the brushed motor which has been around for a long time. As the name suggests, they comprise an armature (rotor), commutator wires, brushes, and magnets. When current passes through the wire brushes, which gives the electrical charges to the motor's shaft, it also causes an electromagnetic field within the armature component.

Brushless Motors

Another choice is Brushless DC motors. These motors do not feature brushes; one of the most popular engines used in power tools is a brushless motor. They are more reliable than traditional motors and include innovations that help prevent overheating and increase the run time for jobs such as sewing, driving, drilling, etc.

In addition to these tools, numerous new tools were explicitly designed to handle heavier loads without experiencing drag or slowing down. Brushless motors also utilize permanent magnets that reduce overall maintenance requirements as well as create a more durable unit over time, ultimately leading to a reduction in repair costs as well.

The brushless motor offers a long service life as you do not need to worry about brushes. It also provides more power and speed than standard motors, making them a top choice for any application where saving energy is an issue and the motors require high performance.

Brushless motors form the basis for innovative and heavy-duty power tools. These motors have enabled manufacturers to develop saws, drills, trimmers, and grinders to handle heavier loads with longer run time.

Benefits of Cordless Power Tools

Battery Life

The best cordless power tools of today all have one thing in common: Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are designed to be durable -- so much so that they require no upkeep and will last for years without use. Their lightweight design also helps to reduce worker fatigue. The battery should also be interchangeable with your other power tools, a standard convenience found among the world's best manufacturers.


Since there are no cords, and considering that the voltage isn't externalized, devices and equipment of this kind prove to be more flexible when accessing work environments. When working on several projects or inside a cramped area, cordless tools make it much easier for you to maneuver to access specific areas with quick ease. This flexibility is a clear advantage.


Just as important as the convenience of not having to deal with pesky cords and wires, many cordless power tools are easy to store too! Things like cordless drills, saws, and impact drivers can be placed in drawers or on shelves and typically come with a detachable case explicitly made for the tool and its accompanying batteries.

General Safety Tips for Power Tools

  • Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment PPE when working.
  • Buy quality tools. Many tools, including cutters and hammers, should be made of steel and should be heat-treated.
  • Regularly inspect tools to make sure they are in good shape and fit for use.
  • Be sure to maintain your tools by performing regular maintenance, like grinding or sharpening. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Dress for the job by avoiding loose clothing or articles that can get caught in a tool’s moving parts, like jewelry.
  • Use the right tool for the job. In other words, don’t try to use a wrench as a hammer.
  • Make sure that your feet are planted on a stable surface.
  • Be aware of the people around you and make sure they stay clear of the tools you are using.
  • Never carry tools up a ladder by hand. Instead, use a bucket or bag to hoist tools from the ground to the worker.
  • When appropriate, secure work with a clamp or vise to keep it from slipping.
  • Never carry pointed tools in your pocket. Carry them in a toolbox or cart instead.
  • Inspect your tools on a regular basis, checking for damage. Report damaged tools to your supervisor.
  • Make sure to keep extra tools handy in case the tool you had planned to use is damaged.
  • Make sure tools are stored in a safe place.