• Apr 06, 2023
  • By Tamilore Gibadi

Safety signs and labels communicate information and reminders about potential hazards and safety instructions to help prevent accidents and injuries. Chemical, gas, and hazardous material signs and labels warn workers of nearby materials or conditions that could cause injuries.

Safety signs and labels are essential visual communication tools used to convey important safety information to individuals in a workplace or public area. They are designed to alert people to potential hazards and provide instructions on how to stay safe.

Common safety signs and labels include:

  1. Danger signs: These signs indicate an immediate and hazardous situation that could result in serious injury or death. They are often red with white text and a pictogram.

  2. Warning signs: These signs alert individuals to potential hazards that could cause serious injury or death. They are often yellow with black text and a pictogram.

  3. Caution signs: These signs indicate a potential hazard that could result in minor to moderate injury. They are often yellow with black text and a pictogram.

  4. Notice signs: These signs convey general information that is important for safety but not necessarily a hazard. They are often blue with white text and a pictogram.

  5. Emergency signs: These signs provide instructions on what to do in an emergency situation, such as exit signs or fire extinguisher locations. They are often green with white text and a pictogram.

It is important to understand and follow safety signs and labels in order to maintain a safe environment. Employers and facility managers are responsible for ensuring that safety signs and labels are posted in appropriate locations and are easily visible to employees and visitors.

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