Safety Shoes Type To Consider For Different Jobs

  • Feb 04, 2021
  • By Ebenezer Gibadi

Safety requires you to wear what is right, safe and not comfortable only. Most jobs require a certain amount of safety and this has been factored into any safety shoe or product by the manufacturer. Most men and women today, tend to look past these facts and buy cheaper and low-quality shoes, as they believe that expensive safety shoes are uncomfortable There are many varieties of safety footwear and there exist different types of safety footwear for different job roles. These include:


Metal Instep Safety Shoes

This type of safety shoe is used in the construction and manufacturing factories to safeguard the feet from sharp objects like glass pieces, metals, nails, and all kinds of debris, these safety shoes are a preferred choice for employers in such work zones. Workplace injuries like foot injuries are problematic and can reduce work productivity. This is while PPE work vendors like Gibadi have supply store to provide top-of-the-line premium quality protective work wear to guarantee employee safety.

Electric hazard Safety Shoes

This type of safety shoe is used by an employee who works with electricity, circuits, wiring, and high voltage machines and devices. The idea behind these EH rated safety boots is pretty simple, the entire surface of the boot is made from non-conductive materials and as a result no electrical charge will pass through the body, because you are fully isolated from the ground. EH rated safety boots have an Electrical Hazard (EH) rating on them. The excessive wear of the soles or exposure of these EH boots to wet conditions, humid conditions or both can reduce the effectiveness.

ESD safety shoes

The use of ESD safety shoes prevents a build-up of static electrical charges in the human body by sending these charges to the ground in a very safe and controlled manner. They guarantee to prevent the sudden flow of electricity between electrically charged objects caused by contact. Do not primarily protect the person but rather protect the electrostatic-discharge-sensitive devices in sensitive working areas in a controlled manner.


Antistatic safety shoes

Antistatic safety shoes generally do not include ESD. Shoes are antistatic if the measured contact resistance is in the range between 100 kiloohms (105 ohms) and 1 gigohm (109 ohms). The aim is therefore to protect people wearing safety footwear from dangers related to electrostatic build-up From the above image, it is obvious that not all antistatics shoes are ESD safety shoe but all ESD are both antistatics and electrostatics




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