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  • Mar 16, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi

Safety Shoes supplier in Nigeria limited is the safety shoes supplier and distributor in Nigeria

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Workers must wear Safety shoes, especially when they dealing with heavy-duty machinery and equipment in factories and construction sites daily. This Industrial Safety gear design is to protect against a majority of injuries that may result from working in high-risk, accident-prone settings. Employee safety is the primary concern of employers in industries, such as construction, where foot injuries are common. Industry safety is of paramount importance. Safety boots provide adequate cushioning and protective padding around the sole to give complete protection to the feet of the workers. Be it, Safety jogger, Redwings Bata safety shoes, and Hulk safety shoes .Our online shop is the only place for you to get the best price and quality. We offer the best safety shoe price and quality in Nigeria.

Potential hazards which may lead to foot and leg injuries include falling or rolling objects, crushing or penetrating materials, hot, corrosive or poisonous substances, electrical hazards, static electricity, or slippery surfaces.

Different footwear protects in different ways.  Check the product's labeling or consult the manufacturer to make sure the footwear will protect the user from the hazards they face.

Foot and leg protection choices include the following:

  • Safety-toed shoes or boots protect against falling, crushing or rolling hazards. Safety-toed footwear must meet the minimum compression and impact performance standards in ANSI Z41-1999 or provide equivalent protection.
  • Some safety shoes may be designed to be electrically conductive to prevent the buildup of static electricity in areas with the potential for explosive atmospheres or nonconductive to protect workers from workplace electrical hazards.
  • Metatarsal guards protect the instep area from impact and compression.  Made of aluminum, steel, fiber or plastic, these guards may be strapped to the outside of regular work shoes.
  • Toe guards fit over the toes of regular shoes to protect the toes from impact and compression hazards.  They may be made of steel, aluminum, or plastic.
  • Rubber overshoes are used for concrete work and areas where flooding is a concern
  • Shoes with slip-resistant soles are required for certain departments and should be used in areas where slips and falls on wet floors are most likely.
  • Studded treads and overshoes should be used when employees must work on ice or snow-covered walking surfaces.
  • Leggings protect the lower legs and feet from heat hazards such as molten metal or welding sparks.  Safety snaps allow leggings to be removed quickly.

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Best brands of safety shoes online at our online shop limited brings you a wide range of safety shoes to make your choice. Whether you are looking for Jogger safety shoes, Allen Cooper safety shoes, or shoes from any other brand, our online shop offers you the best quality and extremely renowned shoes that are known for their durability. Leading brands like Safety jogger, JCB Safety Shoes, Redwings, etc. bring you popular options for your needs. If you are tight on budget, you can opt for the inexpensive options. The safety shoes have a design that fits well on you, makes you look good, and provides optimum comfort. In our online shop, you can select from a wide range of safety footwear. Get access to varied choices in terms of low-priced safety shoes with excellent gripping abilities. 

Wide variety of shoes for industrial settings

Are you searching for durable, lightweight, and comfortable safety shoes? You are at the right place. Be it everyday safety shoes, steel-toed safety shoes, or high-end industrial safety shoes, be assured of getting it all in You can also opt from knee-length boots, ankle-length boots, thigh-high boots, etc., and get the best of what you love. You can pick safety shoes of different styles like the low ankle, full ankle, jungle boots, and sporty style. Whether you need Antiskid Safety Shoes, Chemical Industry Safety shoes, Construction Safety Shoes, Electrical Resistant Safety Shoes, or Fire-Resistant Safety Shoes, you get it all at wholesale rates in our online shop. You will get what best matches your needs. Black, brown, gray, and tan colors are some popular options for safety shoes. You can shortlist your preferences based on varied style, design, brand, type, sole, and size and give impermeable protection to your feet.

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safety jogger

We select Safety footwear based on the job type

Purchasing safety shoes based on the nature of the job or work site would be much more comfortable. People working in the aviation industry have to work with delicate components and heavy machinery. Shoes having fuel oil resistant outsole would be perfect for such workers to handle heavy elements with ease. For miners, sturdy boots would be an excellent choice to keep feet safe in mines. People working at construction sites can opt for shoes that are provided with nubuck leather in the upper lining and are resistant to heat and water. People employed in the petroleum industry should look out for safety footwear having oil and slip resistance. Professionals in labs and chemical plants should wear specialized footwear that offers total penetration from liquids, high temperatures, and harmful dust. Lightweight safety shoes that come with PU sole are best suited for use in power plants. Logistics professionals are on the move; for them, safety boots with PU antislip, oil-resistant feet are ideal. People who are a part of the food & beverage industry go for gumboots with PVC molding, which would be best suited for use in factories that manufacture food and beverages. Antibacterial, oil, and water-resistant and antislip gumboots are the best options for a long-term basis in these situations.



Our quality of safety shoes is unmatched. 

We in limited offers an unparalleled range of safety shoes and boots that are available in various sizes to befit different persons. Safety shoes for men are steel or PVC soles and work to protect the feet. Protective footwear functions on several critical parameters like the upper material should be extremely comfortable and resistant to liquid spillage.

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The premium quality shoes offer total protection to the feet and are beautiful to wear. These are demanded in numerous industries and have a durable sole and are tear-resistant, waterproof, resistant to chemicals, and electric shock. Most of the shoes have a soft, breathable inner lining to prevent sweat for long hours and help the worker stay active while working in a factory or outdoors. Make sure you make the best choice for your needed options. Your options must include sole material such as Hard PVC, PU, PVC, Double Density PU Moulded, High-Density PU, Soft PVC, PU Lining, PU Moulded, Double Density PU, Single Density PU Moulded, and others. All the safety shoes have a design following the international tests of quality, safety, and longevity.

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