Reason why safety equipment is important -

  • May 27, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi

Safety Supplies

Industrial Safety Supplies in Nigeria

Shop online at, your source for industrial safety supplies in Nigeria, get your workplace safety, offshore and onshore industrial  safety equipment and protective products, as a safety equipment distributor and supplier, GZ industrial Supplies  offers an extensive variety of health and safety equipment related to the industrial safety industry, including safety protective clothing, protective helmets, safety glasses, protective wear, fall protection and other industrial safety equipment. We also provide a number of specialty products that solve some of the industry’s biggest safety equipment challenges.

Reason why Staff Need Safety Wear?

We find the PPE example perfectly sums up why our staff need safety gear while they are at work. If an employee is injured in the line of duty and they aren’t equipped properly. Not only could they lose their life or hurt themselves, but they might also sue you for not giving them that gear[ii].

In fact, the lack of PPE at the start of Covid-19 meant that the UK government was sued for their lack of provision of life saving gear. The government granted the PPE contract to a Sussex firm with only 16 employees, way beyond the capacity of production needed to equip the whole of the NHS.

There’s also the cost to your company and time to consider when evaluating whether staff need safety clothing. If they got injured and had to take long periods of time off work, this would be worse for your company than simply fronting the cost of the clothing.

Safety products We offer are quality products

The correct industrial safety products, safety equipment, and safety supplies are vital to all employers to ensure the health and safety of employees. The range of safety equipment is extensive and choosing the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be a complex task, even for experienced safety equipment procurement staff. All Safety Products staff and the website can assist you in purchasing the right safety equipment, safety products, safety supplies and accessories for you.


PPE means personal protective equipment or equipment you use to guarantee your (own) safety.

Use PPE always and anywhere where necessary. Observe the instructions for use, maintain them well and check regularly if they still offer sufficient protection. But when do you use what type of protection?


Safety Glasses

You need to protect your eyes when working with or near hazardous substances, such as sharp objects, open flames, toxic substances, and other workplace hazards. Your eyes are among the most vulnerable parts of your body and you need to protect them accordingly. Use safety glasses to protect your vision in the field. They are proven to reduce eye injuries when worn. 


Safety helmet and bump cap   

Wearing a helmet offers protection and can prevent head injuries. Select a sturdy helmet that is adapted to the working conditions. These days you can find many elegant designs and you can choose extra options such as an adjustable interior harness and comfortable sweatbands.


Ear protection - Earplugs/Earmuffs 

Do you work in an environment with high sound levels? In that case it is very important to consider hearing protection. Earplugs are very comfortable, but earmuffs are convenient on the work floor as you can quickly put these on or take them off.


Hand protection / Hand gloves 

Hands and fingers are often injured, so it is vital to protect them properly. Depending on the sector you work in, you can choose from gloves for different applications:


  • protection against vibrations
  • protection against cuts by sharp materials
  • protection against cold or heat
  • protection against bacteriological risks
  • protection against splashes from diluted chemicals.

Reflective high visibility wears 

Preventing accidents is crucial in a crowded workshop. That is why a good visibility at work is a must: a high-visibility jacket and pants made of a strong fabric can help prevent accidents. Just like the hand protection, there are versions for different applications. 


Safety Foot Protector 

Safety shoes are required where the potential for serious injury to the foot may result from an employee's daily job duties. Foot injuries may occur in areas where there are rolling or falling objects, objects piercing the sole, or where feet are exposed to electrical hazards, such as a static-discharge or electric-shock hazard, that remains after the employer takes other necessary protective measures. These guidelines are not intended to apply to functions performed by an employee on a rare or special occasion, unless the risk of foot injury is great.


Detailed Safety Supplies for the job in Nigeria limited can provide you with detailed safety equipment information and comparisons from multiple brands and safety products that have often have numerous options and choices.  Employers must comply with the counrty's safety laws and or all regulations issued by OSHA, ANSI, FDA to avoid lawsuits and insurance claims in today’s workplace. we offer you a wide choice of safety equipment and safety supplies while assisting you  with comparisons across all major brands. 

Benefits of Having the Right Safety Equipment

The proper safety equipment can dramatically reduce the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace thus in turn reducing insurance premiums, and employee absence. our safety supplies available today address the need for legal compliance, user comfort, and product durability.

We  distribute a full range of safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Industry & Government. Most of our safety products are  Safety jogger, HULK , 3M and portwest (when appropriate) and include: head & face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, fall protection, hand protection, protective footwear, first aid products, portable sinks, and facility supplies.

All Safety Products is able to review your requirements and provide you with a range of choices to purchase suitable industrial safety products. We provide detailed information to reduce your costs or keep within scope for your established budgets.