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  • Mar 17, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi
  • 0 Comments limited is Nigeria's Largest Supplier of Industrial Supplies online.

Buy from limited is Nigeria's largest supplier of quality industrial tools, equipment, cleanroom, and safety supplies, and has a huge selection of equipment and tools online. With Headquarters in Lagos, as well as a nationwide distribution service, we offer next day delivery on over 30,000 stock items. We are an entirely Nigeria owned company that has been trading for over 10 years.

Our customer base, like our stock range, is broad and varied; we supply engineers, safety officers, and technicians in medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, and engineering facilities throughout Nigeria and Africa. Our website should be the first stop for anyone involved in plant maintenance or general engineering.

We have the latest power tools and welding equipment. We stock a large range of essential tools and equipment for cleaners, carpenters, and electricians, as well as a large selection of safety footwear and workwear. 

Because of the wide variety of industries, we supply tools to, our product categories are varied, as are the range of brands we stock: is your one-stop solution to all of your industrial supply needs. We provide industrial supplies and safety products for everyone; individuals to large-scale manufacturing and construction facilities. We have the quantities you may need with the quality you demand. No matter what kind of industrial supplies you need; Safety Nigeria can meet your need. Here at Safety Nigeria, it’s our constant goal to provide our customers with the best of all industrial supplies ranging from Adhesives and Sealants, Battery and battery chargers, F lashlights, Batteries, Industrial Storage Systems, Ladders, pumps, Safety signs, Ship Supplies, Lubrication, Lab Supplies, Shop and Office Supplies, Communication Systems, Hoses and Couplings, industrial chemicals, Lighting, Outdoor Exposure, Safety Signs and Flags, Hoses and Couplings, Industrial Chemicals, Pest Control services, other services, and general information. We are proud distributor of many brand names in industrial supplies such as; 3M Safety Products, Abro Products, CRC Industrial Products, Centurion Explosion Proof, Centurion Eyewash products, DENSO, Daniamant Aps, Datrex, Devcon epoxy, Garmin, Justrite, Kolor Kut- Oilybits, Lalizas Marine Products, Molykote, Reliance Medical, Rema Tip Top Products, Scafftag, Streamlight, Thermsafe and Wolf Safety Lamp Company. Take action now. You will be very glad you made the right choice! Shop online at Safety Nigeria, your most trusted and reliable online store. Are you searching for industrial equipment? Have you been clamouring about where to get cheap and quality industrial supplies? Then you are in the right place. Buy Industrial Supplies tools from Nigeria's largest supplier of quality industrial equipment for all application. Rely on Safety Nigeria for the industrial supplies you need for building, grounds, equipment, and vehicle maintenance! We carry everything you need to supply your facility. Whether you're looking for adhesives, ladders, industrial chemicals, tools, fans, ladders, food processing equipment, or any other operational supplies we can help you get what you need quickly and at the right price. Explore our Industrial Supplies Category and place your orders now. You can place your orders over the phone via, order hot-lines

The Industrial Tools we have in the portfolio.

Hand Tools 

  • Our stock range includes a vast selection of screwdrivers, safety knives, socket sets and wrenches, files, saws, and tool kits if you've been searching for the best place to buy tools online. With leading brands like Stanley, Bahco, and Irwin, and our own CITEC economy range of devices, we have a solution for every budget.
  • Power Tools – Leading brands like DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, and Festool have led the development of new lithium-ion cordless power tool technology. They offer a large selection of corded drills, saws, air tools, and power tool accessories.

power tools

  • Safety Supplies – Workplace and site safety has become hugely important in recent years. We stock a wide variety of safety gloves, footwear, and clothing. With leading brands like Snickers for safety jogger, Redwings and Hulk, portwest, Hulk and 3m for eye protection, and 3M for respiration equipment, you can access the best gear and industrial tools online.
  • There are many varieties of protective clothing available for specific hazards.  Examples of the body/skin protection include laboratory coats, coveralls, vests, jackets, aprons, surgical gowns and full body suits.  Uniforms, caps, or other clothing worn solely to identify a person as an employee would not be considered PPE.

    Hats, long sleeves, long pants or sunscreen, while not defined as PPE, should be considered for protection against heat, cold, sun or insect exposure.  Also included in this category may be the use of a personal fall arrest system or body positioning system when working on elevated surfaces.


  • Measuring Equipment – From Flir thermal imaging cameras to Mitutoyo vernier calipers, we carry a complete range of metrology and measuring equipment. Our consultants are standing by to provide you with detailed information. Because of the enormous selection of products we stock online, please take some time to browse our website to view our product selection, which includes welding equipment, storage solutions, cutting tools, and engineering supplies - to name but a few. 

measuring tape

  • Accessories - leading brand like Bosch, Makita. We sell drill bits manufactured by German tech (Bosch) 


Electrical Shock Hazards

The major hazards associated with electricity are electrical shock, fire and arc flash.  Electrical shock occurs when the body becomes part of the electric circuit, either when an individual comes in contact with both wires of an electrical circuit, one wire of an energized circuit and the ground, or a metallic part that has become energized by contact with an electrical conductor.

The severity and effects of an electrical shock depend on a number of factors, such as the pathway through the body, the amount of current, the length of time of the exposure, and whether the skin is wet or dry.  Water is a great conductor of electricity, allowing current to flow more easily in wet conditions and through wet skin.

The effect of the shock may range from a slight tingle to severe burns to cardiac arrest.  The chart below shows the general relationship between the degree of injury and amount of current for a 60-cycle hand-to-foot path of one second's duration of shock.  While reading this chart, keep in mind that most electrical circuits can provide, under normal conditions, up to 20,000 milliamperes of current flow. limited Nigeria has industrial tools and safety items that are of great quality for your construction works. You can buy safety shoe in Nigeria at our offices below:

Head office 142 poatson building Oba Akran road ikeja lagos,Nigeria