Does an Inverter store power?

  • Nov 23, 2021
  • By Ebenezer Gibadi

Does an Inverter store power

Inverters are electronic devices that converts AC power to DC power and vice versa. AC power is the power that comes from power stations. This power we use at our houses to run appliances. An inverter comes in the picture when we are not able to receive enough electricity from the power stations.

Receiving no electricity or experiencing power cuts can be bothersome, and we need some backup to store electricity so that we can use it in times of need! This is where an inverter comes to our rescue!


The good quality power inverter is able to achieve high conversion efficiency in application. If you do not consider conversion rate, then a lot of energy will be lost at the time of conversion.


Second, the inverter has more assurance to offer a safety performance. This is an important issue in people's lives. The new technology developed full scale protection functions for the power inverter, including short circuit, overload and over-temperature protection.


Third, the power inverter has very good physical properties. Its surface has a hard antioxidant capacity, and also has a very strong ability to fight the effects of friction and load bearing capacity.


Reason why an Inverter store power?

An inverter is a very useful appliance to provide power (or electricity) back-up during power-outage. It ensures a smooth continuity of electricity usage in whatever it is that one is doing, be it working on a computer or watching television or using washing machine etc, without any hindrance. As soon as the power from the utility disconnects, the inverter kicks in and provides power to the appliances.


But some manufacturers claim that inverters (manufactured by them) can save electricity. How accurate is this statement? Let us find out.




Well an inverter essentially does not store electricity. For that we need batteries. Inverters help to store the AC power coming from power stations into batteries by converting it into DC power. You may ask why the conversion is required. Well batteries can only get charged by DC power.


This store DC power in the batteries now needs to be converted back to AC, which is also done by inverters.


This is because the appliances at our homes need AC power to run. Let’s say an inverter is a medium between mains supply and batteries that helps to store electricity in batteries and also extracts that stored electricity to run our load in case of power cuts!


What does an Inverter do when Mains Electricity is available?

Interestingly, the role of an inverter is not limited to when we experience power cuts. The inverter installed at your home works all the time. When continuous power supply from mains is available, your inverter bypasses itself and runs all your appliances by this AC power and also charges your batteries.


Now when the batteries are fully charged, the inverter stops giving charge to the batteries and simply runs your load on bypass mode. Then again the batteries have a tendency to get slowly discharged when not in use. Well an inverter has a solution for that too!

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