• Nov 17, 2021
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Regular mops just wipe the surface. our hard floor cleaners really clean. They can cut your floor cleaning time in half while also delivering a deeper level of clean. Best of all, your newly shined floors will dry in two minutes or less!

What can I clean with a Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaner?

The new top mop for wood and other hard floors

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Perfect for most hard floors

Whether it's hardwood, stone, tile or vinyl: our floor cleaning machines are up to the task! Clean with only water or use with Kärcher floor cleaning solutions for optimum results.

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Effortless application

No scrubbing, no wringing, no bucket! Instead you get 500 roller revolutions per minute, with a self-cleaning function and two tanks to keep the fresh and dirty water separate.


Clean right up to corners and edges

Unlike other floor cleaning machines, our FC models have a center drive that allows the rollers to clean right up to edges. 


The best way to clean hard floors in your home

The Kärcher FC range cleans hard floors throughout the home more quickly and thoroughly than a traditional mop or spray mop. And compared to other floor cleaning machines, it delivers a superior clean by continuously applying fresh water to its rollers and suctioning away the dirt and dirty water*.

*The suction function is available on FC 5 models only.

Reviews: See what others are saying about the FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner

Reviewed/USA Today

"The FC5 completely changes the cleaning game."

"In our tests, we loved that it suctions up dirty water and stores it in a tank, has four cleaning detergent options, and within two minutes after cleaning, the floors were dry."

Trusted Reviews

Best Hard Floor Cleaners 2020  "Best overall hard floor cleaner"

"As well as cleaning quickly, and even coping with tough, ground-in dirt, the FC 5 has a vacuum action that sucks up dirty water from the floor and puts it into a tank at the back of the machine. The result is that you don’t just get a visibly clean floor, but that you physically remove dirt and bacteria from the floor."

Good Housekeeping UK

"Kärcher have the perfect solution for a flawless clean without the lengthy time tag."

Real Homes

"Makes short work of dirty floors, giving them a deep clean no mop could achieve on its own."


"Best Health Innovations For The Home 2019"

"With [Kärcher's] latest FC 5 ... you can cut the time of your cleaning regime in half."

Karcher FC5 Has Two Water Tanks
Karcher FC5 Cleans Floors Right up to the Edge
Karcher FC 5 Number One Hard Floor Cleaner in Germany
Karcher FC 5 Floors Dry Quickly
Karcher FC 5 Rollers Are Machine Washable

Frequently Asked Questions

Already own a Kärcher FC 5 or FC 3? Read frequently asked usage questions on our product FAQ's page

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FC 5 Dirt Water Living a Fit and Full Life

Step by Step - How to operate Kärcher's hard floor cleaner machine

Our powered hardwood floor mop is simple to use on wood and other hard surfaces – just follow the instructions shown in the user manual and this video to quickly get your hard floors clean and shining like new. 


Comparison Chart for Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaners

1The FC 3 Cordless collects dirty water into a 4.7 ounce tray, whereas all other models have a 6.7 ounce dirty water tank.

216.9 ounce bottle, makes up to 50 full tanks of floor cleaning solution when combined with water.

3One ounce bottle, makes up to three full tanks of floor cleaning solution when combined with water. 

4Color coding is for identification purposes only and does not affect cleaning performance. For example, you might use the white/yellow rollers to clean your living room and the white/gray rollers to clean bathrooms. Machine washable.

Kärcher floor cleaning solutions

You can use our hard floor cleaner machines to clean with only water – or you can add a little cleaning solution to help loosen dirt and impart a clean shine.

Our Universal Floor Cleaner is suitable for all types of hard flooring, while the other formulas are more specific. These include two versions of a hardwood floor cleaner (one for oiled/waxed floors, the other for sealed wood), as well as a stone / tile floor cleaner. 

Extra sets of Microfiber Rollers

Our electric floor cleaners rely on microfiber rollers to safely clean your hard floors. While the rollers are reusable and machine washable, you may want to use a separate set for specific rooms.

For example, you might use a gray set for cleaning tile floors in your  bathrooms and a yellow set to clean all other rooms.

Both sets of rollers are made of the same microfiber material – the color stripes are there just to help you keep them separate. 

Why choose Kärcher hard floor cleaners?

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