Safety gloves protect workers against sharp objects

  • Feb 10, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi

Safety gloves protect workers against sharp objects

It is important to use the right safety gloves for the right task. Different tasks can require different types of gloves. When it comes to the choice of Work gloves, it is important that you choose the one that fits you easily, does not provide any discomfort and helps you do your job while protecting your hands from the materials that may harm your skin.

Working gloves are required heavily in the manufacturing, chemical industry , steel works and the oil industry. Whether you are dealing with abrasive chemicals or lifting heavy stuff , working gloves are a must for protection. So much so that a lot of firms have it in their SOP’s that any hands-on field work could not be performed without working gloves. So check out this list of 10 best work gloves and let us know your favourite glove in the comments section below.

Types of Safety gloves 


 portwest hand glove

Portwest gloves are useful when handling liquids & these are no different.  The gloves are basically cotton, with coated on latex which makes them unique in providing comfort and protection.
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Portwest coated gloves like these are ideal for work with light oils and abrasive liquids. The provide excellent dexterity and tactility as well.
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hulk glove 

Leather welding gloves locked and stitched for added strength. Top grain leather used to make these offers comfortability and protection.  These gloves are pretty much heat resistant as well.
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benchmark gloves  

Benchmark material helps keep hands cool and comfortable. To improve control and abrasion resistance, there is an added rubberized grip as well. Hook and loop closure secures the glove tightly.