Protect your self from fallen object - Gibadi

  • Aug 31, 2022
  • By Tamilore Gibadi


Fall protection safety products prevent people working at heights from falling or decrease the risk of injury if they do fall. On-body products, such as safety harnesses and connecting devices, are worn on or attach to the body to arrest falls or lessen the effects of a fall. Off-body products (such as guardrails, skylight guards, and confined space systems) install on physical structures to prevent falls. Tool tethering and dropped-object products secure tools to anchor points to help prevent injuries to workers and bystanders when objects are dropped from heights.
Fall protection products are frequently used in industries where the risk of falling is high, including construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, welding, and telecommunications. Shop Fall protection products, equipment, and systems to protect people who are working at heights at the best price. Safety Nigeria is your source for the best selection of retractable fall protection equipment, safety gear, and fall arrest systems in Nigeria.


  1. Use tool lanyards to prevent tools from falling.
  2. Keep all material at least 3 feet from a leading edge, other than material specifically required for work in process.
  3. Remove items from all loose or unsealed pockets, especially top shirt pockets, such as phones, pens, and tools.
  4. Do not hang objects over guardrails.
  5. Secure all objects when working on an elevated surface.
  6. Ensure toe boards are in place and inspected frequently
  7. Require hard hats and other required personal protective equipment (PPE) for every person in areas at risk for falling objects—no exceptions.
  8. Rope off the area, if possible, where fall or drop hazards may exist.
  9. Inspect all PPE prior to use to confirm it still meets manufacturers’ recommendations.
  10. Communicate often. Work as a team to avoid complacency and remain vigilant of these procedures at all times.
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